Phillip Wagstaff - IT & Hospitality Consultancy

Phillip Wagstaff

A visionary entrepreneur and hospitality expert dedicated to optimizing operations, enhancing customer experiences, and driving sustainable growth through customized IT and consulting solutions.

Founder and Director of iWagstaff, an IT and hospitality consultancy. With over 20 years of experience, I am passionate about helping companies reach their full potential by optimizing operations, enhancing the customer experience, and planning for ongoing success.

A primary focus is helping clients maximize revenue from their existing customer base by developing innovative campaigns, experiences, and technologies that inspire loyalty and generate repeat business.

Offering full-service consulting and project management in:

🔹 IT Strategic Planning: Aligning technology with key business goals and future needs. Performing audits, reviews, and roadmaps.

🔹 Hospitality Operations: Optimizing processes to improve productivity, reduce costs, and achieve excellence. Developing innovative customer experiences that build loyalty and brand reputation. Streamlining kitchen and venue management.

🔹 Project Management: Overseeing all technical aspects of installations and integrations. Ensuring optimal timelines, budgets, quality, and outcomes.

🔹 24/7 Support: Providing ongoing service desk and emergency support to minimize disruptions. Maintaining high performance and immediately addressing any issues.

I have forged trusted relationships with clients ranging from independent hotels and restaurants to large hospitality groups. Selected accomplishments include:

🔹 7 years as a Senior Consultant with Impos, implementing POS systems for hospitality clients across Australia and New Zealand. Led all stages of installations from discovery to deployment, training staff and providing ongoing account management.

🔹 Performing an IT audit and security review for a restaurant group, recommending actions to strengthen data protection and privacy compliance.

🔹 Creating a customer loyalty app for a hotel chain to drive bookings, gather insights, and enable personalized offers.

🔹 Streamlining kitchen processes for a catering company to reduce waste by over 35% and significantly lower costs. Reorganizing kitchen layout and equipment for maximum productivity.

🔹 Serving as Executive Chef for Marco Pierre White Group and at True South, a popular Melbourne brewpub. Appearing on My Restaurant Rules and cooking for notable clients like Prince Charles.

I would welcome the opportunity to connect and explore how iWagstaff can become a valued partner in your business success.